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Let's Join with Indonesian NBIN

Indonesian NBIN needs participation of all foundations, organizations and institutions that concern with the protection, research, and use of biodiversity asset, which are possessed by the government of Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesian NBIN could be yourself or the institution you are working with now.

To join with Indonesian NBIN, there is no complicated requirement. By agreeing the content of Memorandum of Understanding and Memurandum on Mutually Agreement on National Network on Biological Diversity information, also with a commitment to assess data / information possessed, a related institution will be able to join with Indonesian NBIN. Subsequently, the institution has to provide people who will assess and organize data / information on biodiversity to directyly build and develop their data.

Advantages by joining with Indonesian NBIN
An institution has a tendency to have difficulties in data assessment, unclear data recording, inability in information sharing, inability to get clear information about data selling-prospective, national and international agenda, and less opportunity to be recognized by public.

By joining with Indonesian NBIN, an institution will get so many advantages compared with if the institution stands on its own. Many of the advantages that will be gained by every member of Indonesian NBIN are as follow:

  • The capacity of technology of data assessment and maintenance on biodiversity will increase.
  • Data / information possessed by an institution (research product, speciment collection, man skill, ets.) will be recorded.
  • Be able to know the advantage and the importance of information sharing.
  • Be able to know data selling-prospective which is possessed by the institution itself or other.
  • Be able to know national and international agenda related to biodiversity.
  • Promote institution so that it will be recognized by public and scientific communities.