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Implementation of Activities

Institutional Framework
The Indonesian NBIN instituioin concept is a network distributed and consisted of several joined institutions. Relation structure among the participated institutions in Indonesian NBIN is more a rational rather than hierarchical relation. The main role of Indonesian NBIN group is to promote collaboration among Indonesian NBIN institution. However, it does not have a role as a data, information and service provider related to biodiversity.

Database Component
The development of biodiversity databases does not only require knowledge on the database itself, but also knowledge on the biodiversity including knowledge on directory data, catalogue, inventory of biodiversity, transfer mechanism or electronic transfer among Indonesian NBIN loops, the software used to integrate data and data analysis from varied and scattered sources. The available data and information on biodiversity from each of Indonesian NBIN potential member is varied greatly in quantity, quality, and easy-access.

Networking Component
Current technology in netwokring area using wide band system is able to offer the use of data in real time from long distances. This technology will reduce the need of data storage capasity, as this network system is able to centrally accommodate large data. Indonesian NBIN is expected to facilitate and support the network so that the integration of access of data, user and communication on biodiversity information in Indonesia can be easily made.

Training and Promosion Component
In order to increase the capacity of the institution of Indonesian NBIN member, a form of training related directly to the problems in data organizing is needed. It includes training in maintaining, modern packaging, providing information that will be transformed to dissemintation of metadata. Indonesian NBIN wil provide starter kits pack, which in turn will be followed by the raise of the capability of Indonesian NBIN members to be able to solver the encountered problem. By this training on the capability improvement, it is hoped that each loop is able to organize the database, software, hardware and network independently. Thus, the training will involve in building, developing, organizing the database and its network.