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Indonesian NBIN in Brief

Departing from the government concern in the conservation of biodiversity in Indonesia resulted in the idea to build information network on biodiversit in national level, called Indonesian NBIN (National Biodiversity Information Network).

This information network placed under the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has several functions as follow:

  • A centre for references on conservation, research and use of biodiversity. A connection gate to global information network on biodiversity.
  • A mechanism to enhance information flow on biodiversity.
  • a structured means to respond to user need on biodiversity.
  • Aim and Objective
    The aim of Indonesian NBIN
  • To create a practical mechanism in exchange data and information on biodiversity.
  • To improve catching-prospective from request of information-user.
  • To pronounce the independence of Indonesian NBIN in long-term future.
  • Objective
    The objective of Indonesian NBIN is to provide information on biodiversity in a format, quality and easy-access that will enable plan and decision makers in using natural resources wisely in Indonesia.